Our story

Coopita is an acronym for 'COOP'erative of 'I'ndependent 'T'raders of 'A'sia.

The name is inspired from the ancient silk route when Asian artisans and craftsmen were celebrated and honored for their skills and their products travelled across the globe. Overtime due to development of multiple middlemen, change in market economy and lack of access to the markets has added to the challenges of the Asian artisan.

Many Asian artisans are leaving crafts and moving to non-skilled jobs (construction, mining etc.)

As a transparent platform we aim to bring back this lost glory to the Asian artisans by showcasing artisanal products made by Asian artisans using ethical and sustainable practices to a global audience.

Born with a vision to change the way 'Made in Asia' is perceived today, Coopita empowers artisanal communities across Asia by showcasing their hands, skills and stories of the people behind these premium and unique products to a global audience.

Women weavers in Phillippines
Ikat weavers from T'boli tribe in Phillipines


We are strong advocates of using technology solutions to support local and purpose driven enterprises and cooperatives. As a team of young Asian entrepreneurs, this endeavour is close to our hearts. 

We believe artisanal products representing traditions and culture from remote parts of Asia deserves a dedicated platform in an e-commerce market flooded with mass-manufactured merchandise.

Bamboo baskets made by Batak artisans from Philippines

Our team of avid travellers, goes country by country and partners with artisanal communities and organisations. We keep extremely close bonds with our communities and ensure that we understand their challenges and needs and accordingly provide them appropriate solutions - whether it is gaps in product design, accessing new markets or some financing need.

From there, we sell the products directly to you online - eliminating multiple middlemen involved.

Blending modern style with ancient skill we are able to curate high quality products for you which on one hand are available to you at a reasonable price, while on the other increase the income of the artisans.

Bag made from tree bark textiles by artisans in Sulawesi, Indonesia

We connect Asian artisans to a global consumer base. We also works with businesses looking for sustainable supplies or products while creating measurable impact. This helps us create strong forward and backward market linkages to sustain their livelihoods.


Each and every artisanal community or organisation that we work with is curated during onboarding to ensure that the products made by them are made by using sustainable practices, they use small batch production and maximise use of natural material available locally and above all their efforts are preserving a traditional artisanal skill.

We today work with more than 200 artisanal communities across 10 Asian countries in South and South East Asia as our family of artisanal communities continues to grow.

A Dayak weaver from Borneo, Indonesia