10 Hari Raya Gifts Under $30

"No one has ever become poor by giving"

Hari Raya Puasa marks the end of fasting for Muslims and is a day of joyous celebrations! On this day, visitations start by first seeking forgiveness from elders. But, the best way to seek for forgiveness is a gift! Embracing this jolly month, we have curated a list of gifts that you can gift your elders, your host and yourself for Hari Raya!

To prepare for visitations and gatherings, many of our Muslim friends rally to spring clean their houses as well as decorating them with new household items! Dressing up presentably is also one of the must dos for visitations! That is why our Hari Raya Collection includes items ranging from homeware to jewelry to accessories!

Every product is handmade by our artisans all over Asia. Each product purchased from the Coopita platform empowers our artisans by helping them earn their own living! Every product can be delivered (chargable) or self collected from our pop up The Green Collective, OneKm Mall (FREE!)

This Hari Raya, gift away!


1. Lunch Bag

One thing you cannot miss during a festive celebration: FOOD! Eating at a host’s house might make you feel bad sometimes, thus some of us would love to pack food over to share. Instead of visiting with plastic bags, what better way to appear in a cool and sturdy lunch bag made out of pandan leaves! At a reasonable price, it is friendly both to the environment and your pockets!

Buy it Here, $20


2. Coasters (Set of 5)

Hari Raya is a time where friends and family visit one another. For guests who are here for a short catch up session, impress them with these reed coasters! Unique in colour and style, guests will admire your taste for choosing these! A plus point, it comes with a coaster box, whereby you can store them neatly when there are no guests!

Buy it Here, $20


3. Coin Pouch

Hari Raya Bazaars are the best place to get a variety of food, curtains and clothes! While doing your shopping, keep your loose change and coins safe in these coin pouches! Never lose your coins ever again with the help of these lovelies! Comes in 2 sizes, small and large! 

Buy it Here, Small $5

But it Here, Large $10


4. Beads Necklace

A simple yet classic piece. Handmade beads necklace that adds a casual feel to your style. Just loop it on anyday for an instant upgraded look to your outfit! At this price, work your creativity by purchasing multiple necklaces to layer the designs!

Buy it Here, $15


5. Small Clutch

Joining the traditional hand weaving technique with women empowerment, this exquisite clutch is born! Despite its size (17.5 x 28cm), you can actually store a handful of items in it! Great size for a casual stroll in the neighbourhood all while looking chic and fashionable!

Buy it Here, $30


6. Pandan Bookmarks


Looking for something small and meaningful to gift visiting kids? Here it is! This bookmark is handmade from pandan, making it a sustainable gift. A bookmark is a practical gift for kids to use. The uniqueness of it might also encourage them to start reading more in order to use it!

Buy it Here, $2.50 each


7. Pandan Clutch


While looking good in their Baju Kurung, what really finishes a lady’s look is a matching clutch! Handwoven from pandan leaves, they come in colours best fitting for Hari Raya and are large enough for you to bring your green packets around! Get envious eyes all on your as you stride around with this stunning piece of beauty!

Buy it Here, $25


8. Table Mats

When hosting guests for a dinner gathering, new table mats are a must! Mats made from plastics, have you ever heard of that? These are handwoven from different strips of plastic bags, making it super easy to clean. Just wipe anything off this, easy! The interesting origin of this product acts as an interesting topic starter at the dinner table too!

Buy it Here, $10


9. Solid Perfume

All those visiting must be making you sweaty! Stay nice smelling in Lavender scent throughout the day with this solid perfume! Made in Indonesia pure beeswax and medical honey, alcohol free!

Buy it Here, $10


10. Dhokra Earrings

Every lady needs a statement earring to doll herself up while visiting! This is exactly what you need! Handmade using Dhokra, a non –ferrous metal casting technique with more than 4000 years of history! Get praises from friends and family as you flaunt this unique piece. The history behind it is another impressive story! 

Buy it Here, $20